Bodega Chacra, 'Sin Azufre' Pinot Noir Patagonia Argentina 2017


This is a curveball. It is a natural wine made from the middle of nowhere southern Argentina from an Italian guy who chooses not to add any sulfur to the wine. The reason ‘no sulfur’ is important is because it makes the wine taste differently. Sometimes, wines without sulfur can turn to vinegar or taste like you’re sucking on a leather belt. This one though is fresh, floral, and weird but in a cool way… This wine has a unique flavor and we like it. Since it is made from Pinot it is light, low in alcohol, and therefore easy to drink a lot of.

No Sulfur wine should always be: served a bit chilled, taste kind of funky, not taken too seriously so that you age it- just drink it.


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Bodega Chacra