J.L. Chave Selection, 'Offerus' Saint-Joseph 2016

Jean Louis Chave’s family has been making wine since the 1400s on the hill of Hermitage. Domaine Chave Hermitage is one of the great wines in the world and really has been forever. The Jean Louis of today is like a monk. He’s one of the most thoughtful, passionate, and talented craftsmen we’d say in any industry. Jean Louis earnestly decided to make a wine that could be drunk younger in order to give people the option to have a glass of wine by him without having to pay the price of Hermitage but also in order to preserve that the idea of drinking Hermitage is a special experience and not needed every day. Saint Joseph is just on the other side of the Rhone river from this famous hill. Here, he’s still working with Syrah. The wines are a bit lighter, still smokey, and ready to drink straight from the bottle.

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Wine Type
Red Wine
Rhône Valley
Jean-Louis Chave