Domaine Georges Roumier

(Roo Me EH)

France • Burgundy

The wines of Domaine Georges Roumier are among the absolute best in the world. Not just the best Burgundy, but the best wine. Period. From Bourgogne Rouge to the estate’s grand cru vineyards throughout the hills of Morey-Saint-Denis and Chambolle-Musigny, Roumier is known for a style of purity and finesse. ‘Finesse’ is a word that gets thrown around a lot when talking about Burgundy, but it means the wine is silky in texture rather than rustic, gliding across your palate with subtlety and ease. Roumier is the north star of elegant and age-worthy light red wine for all winemakers throughout the world. Anyone questioning that is no more than an annoying contrarian.

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Roumier’s Bonnes-Mares has long been considered not only the greatest wine of that vineyard but one of the greatest examples of all grand cru Burgundy. It’s both powerful and silky in the way that only the best vineyards of Burgundy can achieve. One bit of trivia: up until 1988 there were two unique bottlings of the different parcels, the American one was from more clay based soils making a more full and dense style.

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