Gai'a, 'Thalassitis' Santorini, Greece 2018

As it stands today we say with confidence that the only wine you should be drinking from Greece is white wine. Like all the other islands there is some red made but we’ve yet to find the one that is really captivating. The whites from Greece, especially made from Assyrtiko (ahs-SEER-tee-koh) are some of the best value wines in the world. We’re not sure how they make any money off of these wines and if you have listened to the news in the last decade that sentiment seems to apply to the entire Greek economy. The wines are most commonly seen are from the island Santorini. The grape may be listed on the label or it may just say Santorini and if that’s the case, it is still Assyrtiko.  
Greek whites should always be: tart like a lemon, taste like the ocean, and cheap. 

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