Baudry, 'Les Guillot' Chinon 2016


Cabernet Franc is a misunderstood grape simply because of its name. In relation to Cabernet Sauvignon, Cab Franc from France is much lighter in body. Areas along the Loire like Saumur Champigny and Chinon have been making great red wines for centuries. Today, they are back in the mix simply because we’re all in search of lighter wines. Here, the wine is usually not aged in new oak, taste like red bell pepper, and a bit funky. 

Cabernet Franc in the rest of the world is normally a blending grape for Cabernet Sauvignon. Even in Bordeaux, it is often made into a richer wine or used to add some spice and peppery flavors into the blend. In California and Chile, it’s usually very high in alcohol and rarely has any characteristics in common with the wines from its homeland. 

Cabernet Franc should always be: not aged in new oak, taste like salsa, and served a bit chilled. 


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