Benoît Déhu, Champagne Cuvée De L'Orme


Two years before the French revolution was sparked to life in Versailles, a Champagne house was established less than 100 miles away. That winery was Déhu Père et Fils, which, eight generations later, is now run by Benoît Déhu. For lack of a better joke, Champagne is literally in his blood. The tiny plot of land he uses for these grapes is farmed biodynamically and ploughed by a horse. While production is very small-scale, he does release a few different types of Champagne. This one, which is made entirely from pinot noir, is dry, complex, and super refreshing.

Tastes like: Strawberry, lemon butter, and toast.

How to drink: Don’t serve too cold and never in a flute.

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Benoît Déhu