Cos, 'Pithos' Rosso Sicily 2016


This is a traditional blend of Nero d'Avola and Frappatto from Vittoria that's finished in amphorae and concrete casks.  This process allows the wine to mature naturally and the result is a lighter, more ethereal wine.

Italy is a land that just needs more air conditioning in general. Cooling down with chilled wine is a good move to keep your sweat down. Drinking certain Italian reds cold would be weird though. In particular, the great wines from northern Italy such as Barolo or Brunello should always be at the proper temperature but certainly not below it. Think of it as a cold pork chop, just not that interesting.

The reds from Southern Italy and also certain other indigenous grapes which are lighter and fruitier work very well though. Again, we emphasize that the wines should be a bit younger and ideally not aged in oak. This wine is made in clay pots which makes it a little funky but preserves the floral and red fruit flavors too. Sicily is a hot, hot, hot place in summer so if you need to transport yourself somewhere beautiful and exotic for a bit while being stuck in the city, after a couple of bottles of this you can convince yourself you’re there.


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