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Domaine de la Tour, Montagny 1er Cru 1990

$70 $125

Truth is, not all expensive White Burgundy has aged well. Most of the top-tier stuff from the 90s has suffered a similar fate to the child actors of that same era: what was a promising future is now sadly a bit of a mess. So when we found a handful of cases of a White Burgundy from 1990, we were praying for a story that would end with a bit of positivity instead of a depressing article in Page 6. It does.   

When aged White Burgundy delivers it can be one of the most distinct wine experiences. Rather than smelling like citrus and toast, it evolves into flavors that will make you think we're the overly romantic types. We aren't, but this does taste like an expensive roast chicken, those giant lemons you can buy in Amalfi, and sweet corn bathing in butter. We drank a few bottles to confirm that. 

Rich Savory Nutty
The Breakdown
Drink with Roast Chicken & Fish Shows You Know What's Up
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Wine Type
White Wine
Domaine de la Tour