Keller, 'Limestone' Riesling 2017


Riesling is a grape that people love to hate or love to love. It got to a point where every restaurant in the world decided that it was the most important wine on their list. We were annoyed by it too.

Riesling is confusing because it has a lot of different levels of sweetness but still called the same thing. The Germans have created a system for this which is always on the labels but it is in German so most of us just look at it as a bunch of letters and dots put together to confuse us further. The truth is when Riesling is dry it can be a great substitute for wines like Sauvignon Blanc. It’s fruity, floral, and really refreshing. There’s nothing wrong with that. We think the best purpose for Riesling is to drink a lot of it. Also, if you insist on having anything other than beer with spicy food, drink Riesling, it’s less weird than chugging a glass of milk to ease the burn.

Riesling should always be: look like water, really crisp, and relatively inexpensive.


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