Red Burgundy can be a difficult region to understand, as the wines are super varied despite all being made from the same grape. The differences in flavor range from fresh strawberries to more animal and vegetal flavors—it's a lot. This particular Burgundy falls right in the middle; there's fruit, but it tastes like it's from an organic store rather than from the movie theater. It's from a family-run winery that focuses on making earthy and easy-to-drink wines for everyday occasions.
Merlin is based in the southern part of Burgundy, called the Macon. Like all other Burgundy, this wine is made from Pinot Noir. Also like other Burgundy, it's light and perfect for pairing with just about anything.
This guy has a serious résumé. He worked as the vineyard manager and cellar master at Domaine de L’Arlot (an old-school favorite) under the leadership of Jean-Pierre de Smet (OG Burgundy winemaker worth doing some research on.) In '99 leaves Domaine de L'Arlot to do this own thing. 
Gevrey-Chambertin is one of the best towns in Burgundy, its wines characteristically known for having flavors that are more gamey and rich than those of its neighbors. Domaine Trapet makes wine in a classic style, and they grow all of their grapes organically.

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