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If you’re at all like us, you’re impatiently waiting for the first signs of spring— leaves budding, birds singing, the promise of love (though more likely, pollen) in the air.

Spring isn’t here, but it's at least on its way. Change is afoot.

As the days begin to get lighter and brighter, we are slowly beginning to crave wines that are just the same, wines that suggest the sunshine ahead while still being substantial enough to warm us. This is a transition month, and it calls for transition wines.

First, an unoaked chardonnay from Chablis that is neither too rich or too light, and tastes more salty than sweet. Next, a pair of soulful and peppery reds, one from the coast of California and the other from the Italian Riviera, which are deeply flavorful but refreshing too. All of these wines have a distant hint of the ocean that will remind you what a beach feels like, even if your beach-bod isn't quite there yet.
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A wine gift that actually tastes great.
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  • 3 total bottles of wine.

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