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November Selections

November is a good month to drink wine. In fact, we can think of no greater month in which to consume. The weather is cooling down, you might be spending extended time with your family, maybe you feel stressed out about Black Friday, and, well, the election.

This month’s picks pack extra punch (alcohol) for whenever that extra glass could turn a family gathering into the best one or a messy one. You might call these wines full-bodied. They aren’t oaky, and they all pair well with whatever’s around the table, like turkey, sweet potato pie, or a cheeseburger.

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    Girolamo Russo Girolamo Russo

    Syrah 2018

    Bedrock California

    Do you have a friend who wants to be French, but is actually from Staten Island? This wine is that friend.

    This wine is 100% homegrown. It’s made by two friends who know better than almost anyone else what the great wines of France taste like—they drink a lot of it. They decided to make a California version of Northern Rhône syrah. Just like its French inspiration, it tastes like black pepper and olives, and it smells like lavender.

    California syrah is usually very dark in color and almost sweet in flavor. This winemaker uses a technique to make it more savory by including the stems of the grapes in the fermentation. Winemakers call it “whole-cluster” because they throw the whole bunch of grapes into the vessels. Think of it like cooking the fish with skin on—it’s not quite as sexy, but it usually tastes better.

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    Manuel Cantalapiedra Manuel Cantalapiedra

    Saint-Joseph Blanc 2017

    J.L. Chave

    This family has been making wine with the same grapes since 1481. That fact alone is worthy of your attention.

    Jean-Louis Chave runs his family’s winery, Domaine Jean-Louis Chave. He’s one of the most selfless people we know, and he’s also the greatest winemaker we know. This white is made in an area recognized largely for red wine in the Rhône Valley of France. The (only) grape used to make it produces wines that are full in body and flavor without using oak. It’s called roussanne, and you’re not likely to see it outside of this region.

    Northern Rhône white wine is often looked down upon because of its richness. There are three main white grapes here: viognier, marsanne, and roussanne. Roussanne is grown on a unique type of soil made from granite. Without nerding out too hard on geology, granite-based soil produces wines that are crisper, whereas clay-based soil produces wines that are rounder.

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    Guido Maresella Guido Maresella

    ‘Vin de Jardin’ 2016

    Domaine de Galouchey Bordeaux

    This name of this bottle translates to “Garden Wine.” The vineyard it comes from is so small that it just ought to be a garden.

    Most wine from Bordeaux is either very expensive or not very good. Although this wine is grown on the wrong side of the tracks compared to the greatest wines of Bordeaux, it’s made by thoughtful and experienced people. A blend of six different grapes, the end result is intended to be the type of wine you can drink a whole bottle of—at least that’s what the producer says. Try it out.

    Bordeaux is a wine people often age for a long time—wines from this area from the 1800s still taste fresh. But just because a wine can age for a long time doesn’t mean it has to in order to taste great. This particular style is made to drink young.

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