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August Wine Drop

Wine can do a lot of things but above all else, particularly this time of year, it should refresh.

Natural wine is especially well-suited to do this: the flavors are tangy and thirst-quenching more so than oaky and heavy, and deliver unpretentious joy without the need for heady contemplation.

These are three of our favorite Natural wines that, while a little on the wild side, are objectively delicious. They’ll pair we’ll with anything on your summer table, but can stand in for cocktails too.

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Wine Drop Classics

Red Wines

Red is the majority leader of the wine governing body. There are two parties: light and big. We’re neutral over here. Wine Drop reds are always organic, never oaky, and seasonally appropriate– it’ll make you perspire if you drink cabernet in August, we’ll do our part to make sure you don’t.

Mixed Wines

For a long time, wine wasn’t adventurous: you seemingly couldn’t find anything aside from pinot grigio or merlot. Nowadays, there are so many exciting and delicious wines to explore. This is our hitlist of our favorites– sometimes weird, sometimes sparkling, and sometimes very familiar. Always fantastic.

White Wines

We’re here to say: drink more white wine. From fresh and crisp to rich and savory, there’s arguably more diversity of flavors in whites than there are in reds. These are the essential seasonally-appropriate wines to start your night (or day).

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