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Our selections highlight producers devoted to making delicious wines that might be hard to find.

They're wines you can drink with or without food, and we think they're best enjoyed this time of year.

Above all, they're wines to try if you're looking for something a little bit different and you want to learn a little bit too.

September Selections

September Selections

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    Girolamo Russo Illustration Girolamo Russo Illustration Girolamo Russo

    Girolamo Russo

    'A Rina' Etna Rosso 2017

    This wine is grown on an active volcano in Sicily.

    The grape is called nerello mascalese and only grows on Mount Etna. It makes wine similar to pinot noir, but with a slightly smokier and more rustic flavor. Light in body, it tastes like cherry, raspberry, leather, tobacco, and spices. It tastes like Swisher Sweets! It's also organic—organic Swisher Sweets!

    We suggest enjoying this wine just slightly chilled. It's delicious on its own, but it pairs perfectly with pizza too.

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    Manuel Cantalapiedra Illustration Manuel Cantalapiedra

    Manuel Cantalapiedra

    'Lirondo' Verdejo 2018

    This wine is a bit like that awkward period in your teenage years when you shopped at Hot Topic… but in a good way.

    It's made with a native Spanish grape, verdejo. It normally makes wine that is simple and fruity, like a sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio. But this is an orange wine, so it smells like a spice shop and tastes tangy and herbaceous—like a green juice.

    Orange wines are made by bringing the skins of the grapes in contact with the juice for a longer period of time than usual. It can be days or months, which is why they can be different colors.

    This one is light orange wine. If you're new here, it's a safe place to start. You will either love it or hate it. If you hate it, drink it with spicy food, like curry. You'll hate it much less.

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    Guido Maresella Illustration Guido Maresella Illustration Guido Maresella

    Guido Maresella

    Fiano Di Avellino 2017

    If you like mezcal, salt, and lime, especially all together, this wine is for you.

    This wine is from Campania, a region in Italy best known for its Amalfi Coast and the invention of pizza.

    Guido Marsella, considered the best producer in the area, ages his wine for a year, which allows the flavors to develop. This allows you to really taste the grape rather than notice any specific winemaking technique.

    Fiano should always be smoky, salty, and crisp. Not too fruity, and never oaky. What comes to mind for us is lemon peel, a tart green apple, and the expensive black salt you gifted the colleague you never wanted to actually get to know. That aging we mentioned helps the wine taste more savory than fruity or floral.

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