Rosé is a wine that no one drinks when they are having a bad time.
It’s possibly humanity's greatest beverage to drink outdoors, in the sun, when you just need something to sip on not too seriously while life is passing you by. It’s also wine that is usually not too serious itself, either. In this collection, you’ll find the classics, some examples from other parts of the world that emulate the classics, as well as a few of that venture into distinct and different tastes. Rosé comes in a few different flavors and styles. Rosé from Provence is the classic crisp and refreshing one. It’s even against the law for it to be sweet. In Italy, there’s a mixed bag of colors and textures. The ones with a darker color can have a more robust flavor, leaning towards a super light red rather than the thirst quenching drink you had in mind. They’re compelling wines nonetheless. Today, there are rosés from all over the world and made from many different grapes: Spain, California, and Germany too.

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