Bartolo Mascarello, Barolo 1982 Magnum


At a time when winemaking styles change as quickly as trends in fashion, it's important to celebrate the fierce guardians of tradition. Bartolo Mascarello was, by all accounts, the fiercest. His wines were celebrated for their nuance and elegance. Maria Teresa Mascarello, Bartolo’s daughter, has only turned up the quality since the early 2000s. The Bartolo Mascarello winery is worthy of being crowned a landmark of Italian wine. They make one Barolo every year that is a blend of small plots of vineyards. Their dolcetto is considered the greatest. The barbera is the easy drinking wine we wish we saw more. 

Once Bartolo Mascarello hits 30 years of age the wines evolve into subtle and delicate reds that require attention. This is wine that can be the star of the night but it must be opened properly with ample time to decant. They will have sediment and they require at least an hour of air. 

Some 68’s are over the hill, but thanks to Bartolo’s resolutely classic style and the large format of this particular bottle (which always suits longer aging), the wine is still delicately floral and bright with acidity. 

Notes on the Vintage 

1968 is a good vintage for those who like softer, more savory Barolo. It doesn't have the intensity of ‘64 or 67, but it’s still very good. 

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