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Fichet, 'Tesson' Meursault 2015

$90 $150

Walking through the quaint town of Meursault for a wine buyer is like taking a TMZ celebrity home tour in Beverly Hills: Around every corner there’s a winery that you dream to be able to walk into, hang out, crack bottles, and maybe snap a selfie. Coche, Roulot, Lafon, and Pierre Morey to name a few. Fichet is a lesser known producer who shares vineyards with these culty producers. 

In Burgundy, since the grape is always a constant (chardonnay), the unique flavors of each wine arrive from the small variations of each plot of land. This vineyard which is called Tesson is a classic example. It’s herbaceous, citrusy, and toasty.

Rich Savory Citrus
The Breakdown
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White Wine