Is 2005 A Good Vintage?

Is 2005 A Good Vintage?

Barolo: A solid, balanced vintage yielding wines that are ready to go now.

Bordeaux: Along with 2010, 2005 is the best Bordeaux vintage of the new millennium. The wines are balanced, elegant, and just really freakin’ good.

Burgundy: Ditto the Bordeaux sentiment above. 2005 Red Burgundy is phenomenal and highly collectible. The whites are more variable, but top examples are concentrated, bold, and ready to drink now.

Champagne: A pretty good vintage that needed some time to come together. Now it has, enjoy.

German Riesling: If you come across 2005 German riesling, especially from producers like Egon Müller, Keller, Dönnhoff, and Stein, take as much as you can.

Northern Rhône: A strong vintage that needed a while, and is drinking great now.

Tuscany: Overall, this was a so-so vintage in Tuscany. Top Brunello producers made ripe wines that are ready to drink now.

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