Is 2014 A Good Vintage?

Is 2014 A Good Vintage?

Barolo: A tricky vintage in Piedmont, with hail reducing yields by about half. Barbaresco is faring better than Barolo, but both are ready to drink now.

Bordeaux: A classic vintage producing balanced wines built for the long haul.

Burgundy: A strong vintage for reds, and an exceptional one for whites. Reds are juicy, elegant, and floral. Whites are rich, complex, and age-worthy.

Champagne: A strong vintage yielding wines that you should hold for another few years before drinking.

German Riesling: Overall, a sub-par vintage, but great producers still managed to make herbal, age-worthy wines.

Napa: This was one of the driest vintages ever for Napa, but the wines turned out great. They’re powerful, aromatic, and balanced by nice acidity.

Northern Rhône: An inconsistent vintage due to problems from rain and hail. Top Northern Rhône producers managed to make classic-style wines that can be enjoyed young.

Tuscany: A weak vintage sandwiched between two phenomenal ones. Look for wines from top producers, especially if you enjoy the lighter, more aromatic side of sangiovese.

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