Is 2015 A Good Vintage?

Is 2015 A Good Vintage?

Barolo: A reasonably strong vintage for Barolo and Bararesco, with wines that are approachable young.

Bordeaux: A great vintage all over Bordeaux, producing fruity, ripe wines that will need another decade to fully come together.

Burgundy: 2015 was a phenomenal vintage in Burgundy. The warm weather led to tannic, structured, powerful red wines that can age for a long time. The whites are also dense and concentrated.

Champagne: This is shaping up to be a fantastic vintage in Champagne. Look for the wines to be powerful and structured, with great ageability.

German Riesling: Absolutely ideal in every regard. At all levels of the sweetness spectrum, the wines are balanced, bright, and delicious.

Napa: An ideal vintage if you enjoy the big, bold, extra ripe side of Napa cabs.

Northern Rhône: 2015 was an all-time vintage in the Northern Rhône. Perfect growing conditions led to nearly perfect wines that are powerful and highly age-worthy. Certainly a collectible vintage for Hermitage and Côte-Rôtie.

Tuscany: One of the best Brunello vintages of the past couple decades, with dense, powerful wines built to age for a long time.

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