What actually is "Pét-Nat"? That's a great question. Have you ever opened an old container of orange juice and found it fizzy? You made a Pét-Nat...

Pét-Nat is a style of making sparkling wine where the bubbles occur naturally. Due to this, they are lightly sparkling, not as fizzy as Champagne. In Champagne they ferment the wine fully dry and then add sugar and yeast after to create the bubbles, with Pét-Nat wines, they simply bottle the wines before all the sugar and yeast have converted in order to make the wines sparkling.

Technical info:

The wines are bottled and closed before all the sugar and yeast have converted to alcohol. By closing the top off with a cork, and now often bottle cap, they capture CO2 and therefore are lightly effervescent. The wine's left unfiltered from the dead yeast cells, so in turn they usually look sort of like a cloudy beer.

This is a process has become very popular with winemakers all over the world. It can be made from any grape and any place, from France to New York to Ontario. And as much as reading is great, if you want to learn about Pét-Nat… just drink some. The Pét-Nat movement connects with the natural wine movement. Pét-Nat can be made from any grape but most often you’ll find them to be floral, salty, and lightly sparkling. 

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