Producer Profile: Domaine Tempier

Producer Profile: Domaine Tempier

Domaine Tempier is found in Bandol, a region in the south of France. The owner, Lulu, passed away recently and is remembered as a legend of Provence much like Sinatra is to New Jersey. It’s said that her lifestyle influenced some of the great restaurants here like Chez Panisse. It's smart, timeless, and incredibly elegant. These days it’s the rosé we drink most. It’s the archetype of the dry, French style and you’ll see Bandol on the label. They make a small amount of white wine or Bandol blanc in a style that is similar to the Rhone valley– they are rich and oily. Their singly vineyard reds have come to be collected and are worthy of aging well over thirty years. The main grape being the big and earthy grape mourvèdre.

Cuvée La Migoua, Cuvée Cabassaou, and Cuvée La Tourtine are all similar, but with subtle differences attributed to the soils of the vineyards and the proportions of the red blend. All are from old vines and capable of aging for decades.

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