The 10 Crus Of Beaujolais

The 10 Crus Of Beaujolais

Within Beaujolais, there are 10 appellations, or ‘Crus’, whose names are printed on the front labels of their wines. While each Cru has its own personality and geographic subtleties - Chiroubles is the highest elevation, Fleurie is intensely floral, etc – they all showcase gamay’s trademark bright fruit flavors, along with notable depth and structure. Considering Cru Beaujolais represents some of the best value in all of red wine, it’s worth a deep dive. Here’s a primer to help you out.


Brouilly - named after the Roman lieutenant, Brulius - has been producing fresh, crowd-pleasing wines since Brulius was here doing whatever Brulius did. The largest and southernmost Cru, Brouilly is an ideal bridge between lighter versions and the savory reds from Crus a bit further north. Order the house red at a Lyonnais bistro, and there’s a solid chance you’ll receive a wine from Brouilly.

L'Epicurieux, Brouilly 'Whole Lotta Love' 2019 $40

Côte de Brouilly

Côte de Brouilly is a hill located within Brouilly. Its vines enjoy ideal doses of sunshine, and tend to produce powerful, mineral-driven wines.

Château Thivin, Côte De Brouilly 2021 $40


Chénas is located between Julienas and Moulin-A-Vent, and like its neighbors, it produces sturdy and age-worthy wines. Unfortunately, they’re the rarest, and tracking down Chénas in the States can be a tall task. If you’re up for the challenge, though, these smooth and structured reds are worth it.

Domaine Thillardon, Chénas 'Les Vibrations' 2021 $50


Chiroubles is at the highest elevation of any cru, which leads to particularly bright and refreshing wines. If you’re looking for an ideal chilled red, this is it.

Camille Mélinand, Chiroubles 2020 $37


A lot of Cru Beaujolais is floral, but none more so than the aptly named, Fleurie. The violet and rose-accented wines are elegant and powerfully aromatic.

Domaine de Moriers, Fleurie 'La Madone' 2019 $55


Winemaking in Julienas dates back to Julius Caesar. Hence, the name. The wines tend to be ripe and weighty with fruitiness that’s dark and spicy rather than tart and juicy.

Smith-Chapel, Juliénas 'Vayolette' 2021 $39


Morgon produces some of the most rich and robust wines in Beaujolais. The area’s granite-rich soils yield particularly grippy, concentrated reds.

Quentin Harel, Morgon 'Les Charmes' 2021 $30


Moulin-à-Vent is responsible for dense, earthy, powerfully structured Beaujolais. Dark and complex, Moulin-à-Vent can often age for 20+ years in bottle.

Domaine Louis Boillot, Moulin-a-Vent 'Brusselion' 2020 $48


Régnié produces vibrant, aromatic, peppery examples of Beaujolais. The region is currently home to a growing wave of young, organic winemakers producing fresh reds that speak to exactly where they’re from.

Julien Sunier, Régnié 2021 $35


Saint-Amour is the northernmost Cru in Beaujolais. Its wines are velvety, plush, and full of soft red fruit flavors, and many examples, especially old-vine bottlings, have a real capacity to age.

Famille Dutraive, Saint Amour 'Clos du Chapître' 2021 $50

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