Producer Profile: López De Heredia

Producer Profile: López De Heredia

López de Heredia is the greatest producer of Rioja. They’ve been doing it forever, too. Nowadays, the 4th generation are women winemakers Maria José Lopez de Heredia and her sister Mercedes who run the family business. The grape blend doesn’t matter to be honest though, it’s not a recipe as much as just the natural blend of what’s planted in the single vineyards. The vineyards are where the differences in flavor lie. They make a nutty white, reds that can be cellared for decades, and a rosé or rosado which is one of the most distinct wines in the world.

The single vineyards:

Tondonia vineyard is the wine we believe is the most typical Rioja. It’s smoky, earthy, and full bodied. It’s aged for up to 12 years before being released. There are four bottlings: red Reserva made every year, red Gran Reserva only in the best years, a white and a Rosado or rosé.

Bosconia is what they call the most Burgundian. The wine is lighter and more floral than the Tondonia, so they say it has pinot noir characteristics. It’s red only. 

Gravonia is the white wine. It’s aged for around 10 years as well. The flavors are intense. It tastes like brown butter, orange rind, and it’s even a bit a smoky. White Rioja is made from the grape viura.

López de Heredia, 'Viña Tondonia' Reserva Rioja 2008 $55

López de Heredia, 'Viña Tondonia' Riserva Rioja Blanco 2009 $70

López de Heredia, 'Viña Gravonia' Crianza Blanco Rioja 2011 $38 

Lopez Tondonia 1981 

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