Rocco: A Wine Fridge We Can Finally Recommend

Rocco: A Wine Fridge We Can Finally Recommend

We get asked for recommendations on at-home wine fridges annoyingly often. It’s annoying because, honestly, we’ve never really had a good answer. If you’ve ever shoved a wine fridge into your kitchen, or dealt with a dual-climate function that’s actually just an average-of-the-two-climates function, then you’re aware of the common complaints. That’s why we’re excited about this fridge from a new company called Rocco.

Why Rocco?

  1. Early Access Launch Pricing: While the Rocco is usually $1500 plus $150 for shipping, they’re offering a first-look deal that’s $1195 with Free Shipping.
  2. Storage: The interior is customizable and adjustable. 27 wine bottles, 88 cans, multiple large-formats, or a combo of them all. UV protection, and it’s powered by the same cooling technology found in $20,000 Sub-Zero fridges.
  3. Design: It could replace a bar cart in your living room rather than take up space in your kitchen.
  4. Warranty: 10 years.
  5. Tech: On your phone, you can see inside the fridge to check on inventory, or to adjust controls like locking and unlocking, temperature, etc.

Meet the Super Smart Fridge.

Rocco designed its wine fridge to be both functional and aesthetic. It has a powder coated steel frame that is 3x thicker than anything on the market, and it uses the same compression technology as Sub-Zero (arguably the best fridge in the world). 

The top of the fridge doubles as a bar cart. It has a raised edge to keep bottles securely stored, comes with a custom serving tray, and spills wipe right off.

Its triple-pane glass doors provide UV protection, while humidity and temperature control to within 1 degree allow multiple cooling zones to keep reds and whites separate.

There’s a patent-pending Sight System that lets you check on the inventory in your fridge from an app on your phone. The app also allows you to control locking and unlocking, lights, and temperature. 

Lastly, while most wine fridges offer a 1 year warranty, Rocco’s is covered for 10 years.

What Can I Store in my Rocco?

While Rocco holds 27 bottles or 88 cans, the interior is customizable, with reversible racks and adjustable shelves. So, you can mix and match mini-bottles, large-formats, or all of the above. 

Get Your Rocco Here

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