Beaujolais Vintages: What to Look for from 2018-2021

Beaujolais Vintages: What to Look for from 2018-2021

Few people pay attention to vintage variation in Beaujolais like they might in Burgundy or Bordeaux. Sure, the financial ramifications of choosing the wrong bottle of Beaujolais may not be as great, but the differences from year-to-year are most certainly there. To help make sure you choose a wine you’ll enjoy, we’ve laid out what to look for in Beaujolais vintages over the last five years.


2018 begins a run of very warm vintages in Beaujolais, with August coming in as the hottest month since 1959. The resulting wines are rich, ripe, and dense, but thanks to a rainy first-half of the year and an early harvest, the wines turned out surprisingly balanced. Top producers, particularly in Moulin-a-Vent and Morgon, made structured wines that can age for a decade or longer.

Try this: Jean Foillard, 'Côte du Py' Morgon 2018 $50


Yields in 2019 were down by half compared to 2018, but the wines that were made turned out structured and concentrated. Expect particularly floral - violets and peonies - wines with dark fruit and spicy flavors that’ll remind you Beaujolais is only an hour’s drive from the Northern Rhône.

Try this: L'Epicurieux, Brouilly 'Whole Lotta Love' 2019 $40


2020 was another very warm vintage, leading to the second-earliest harvest on record. Sunny and lowland growing sites yielded particularly dark-fruited and opulent reds, while cooler, high-altitude vineyards produced wines with floral notes and tart fruit flavors.

Try this: Domaine Louis Boillot, Moulin-a-Vent 'Brusselion' 2020 $48


Compared to the warm years that preceded it, 2021 was relatively cool. Herbal and tart rather than rich and fruity, these wines will be in the wheelhouse of anyone who looks to Beaujolais for bright, crunchy, chillable reds.

Try this: Julien Sunier, Régnié 2021 $35

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