5 Easy Ways To Drink More Sustainably

5 Easy Ways To Drink More Sustainably

Wine has been around for a long time. How long? Well, let’s just say that folks weren’t thinking about wine-and-cheese pairings… because cheese didn’t exist yet. However, a lot of wine-adjacent products - from glass and pesticides to tractors and container ships - are decidedly less ‘natural.’ With that said, consuming wine nowadays doesn’t have to come with a big eco footprint. Here are five ways to drink wine in a more sustainable way.

Biodynamic & Organic Producers

Organics and biodynamics are both methods of sustainable agriculture. They prohibit the use of pesticides, synthetic chemicals, and GMO yeasts, while machines are avoided in favor of horse-drawn plows and hand-harvesting. Winemakers also promote biodiversity in an effort to produce healthier grapes with a truer sense of where they’re from.

Screw Tops

Screw tops have a lot going for them. They’re one-third the price of cork, they eliminate the chances that a wine becomes “corked” to zero, and the bottles are easier to store once opened. On top of all that, you don’t need to cut down a tree to produce them.


Not only does wine age better in magnums, but the bottles also alert the party that this shindig isn’t ending at 8pm. On top of that, they use half as much cork, and create less recycling.


If you can help it, don’t ship in styrofoam or order big deliveries when it’s hot out. Shipping in intense weather requires lots of materials and resources to protect the bottles.


“Glassware”, not “plasticware.” Solo Cups had their place in college - now it’s time to use nice, reusable glassware.

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