Can I Travel with Wine?

Can I Travel with Wine?

Is there a wine you had on vacation that we don’t sell? Write to us here, and we’ll do our best to source it for you directly.

The French have invented many important things. The parachute, the baguette, Aspirin, and now a suitcase where you can safely travel with a full case of wine. Until this invention, we were left to stuffing Burgundy in our luggage amidst all the dirty clothes from your vacation. While not everyone needs a suitcase designed just to carry wine, for those who are in the wine trade, serious about collecting, or headed to a remote location where the closest thing to white wine is White Claw– this is our recommendation for how to travel with wine on an airplane. 

Here are some how to’s:

  • Currently, the TSA does not allow this bag to be a carry-on.
  • In most countries, you can travel with wine. 
  • For domestic travel, you will not have any issues checking wine in your bags. The current TSA Policy states: “Alcoholic beverages with 24% alcohol or less are not subject to limitations in checked bags.” We’ll take that as a go-ahead. 
  • Check out our (non-exhaustive) list of countries/airlines and the requirements for bringing wine in and out as a consumer.

    Taking a bottle out of a fly with wine suitcase.

    Can I fly with wine on Delta?

            Yes– as much as you would like (as long as it is less than 48 proof, which we seriously hope it is).

    Can I fly with wine on United?

            Yes, if the country you’re heading towards allows it in. 

    Can I fly with wine on American Airlines?

            Hell yeah.

    Can I fly with wine on a Southwest flight?

            Yeah, but make sure it’s in a leak proof bag. 

    What’s JetBlue’s wine Policy?

            Go for it. 

    Can I bring wine home from Italy

            We, in fact, encourage you to. 

    Can I bring wine home from France

            You sure can– up to 90 liters, and only 60 of those can be sparkling. How you will cary all that is your problem. 

    I’m traveling to Mexico and want to bring wine with me? 

            You are welcome to! But only up to eight bottles, so choose wisely. 

    Can I bring wine back with me from South Africa?

            In fact, you can bring up to two liters of wine back duty free from your South Africa wine tour. Nice. 

    Can I cross the state borders with wine? 

            Yes, but don’t bring more than five cases of wine into California

    Can I buy wine in the North Fork and drink it on the LIRR home?

            We aren’t the authority on whether or not this is technically legal, but if you ask the weekend warriors on the 5pm train to Penn Station, they would say yes.

    Although we encourage all types of creative ways to pack your bags and smuggle wine, it’s best to play it safe. Pack well and don’t get too greedy with customs. 

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