Can I Bring Wine On a Plane?

The French have invented many important things. The parachute, the baguette, Aspirin, and now a suitcase where you can safely travel with a full case of wine. If you’re the type that is so committed to drinking nice wine you sometimes travel with it, we applaud you. We are those people too. 

This is a piece of luggage designed specifically for us, the people who think about what they drink before what they eat. It fits 12 bottles of wine. It’s French. And it has wheels. Let’s be honest, it’s just a better solution than the alternative of burying Burgundy in your underwear.

VinGardeValise made a pretty fantastic 12 bottle wine travel suitcase, but if you aren’t into adding another piece of luggage to your roster, here are some tips on how to pack wine in your regular suitcase. Kind of safely.

  • Encase each bottle in a 6-pack of Hanes mens extra-large tube socks. $11.99 a pop.
  • Get your hands on some cafeteria-style bags of milk to use as gentle, flexible padding around your bottles inside a large trunk. This will be heavy. We will not assume damages if any milk spills.
  • Buy about 100 of those little plastic Fireball shooters, dump the Fireball down the toilet, and syphon your best bottles into the carry-on-sized plastic bottles. Fill your pockets, backpack, and suitcase accordingly. 
  • There are no good options. 

12-Bottle Wine Carrier

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