Everyday Wines from Great Producers

Everyday Wines from Great Producers

Some of the world’s best producers make wines which are a fraction of the price of the ones which got them famous. In Bordeaux these are called ‘second wines.’ A second wine is usually made from younger vines. A wine made from younger vines will be better to drink without aging, but it may not live as long as the more expensive ones. In other regions such as Burgundy, the Rhône, and Barolo, many of the top producers have looked to lesser known areas and even other countries to make their version of an everyday drinking wine. The reason is that many of these producers are looking for ways to grow without risking the reputation of the prestigious and historic wine they came to fame through. It’s a bit like a fashion designer who makes handbags as well as couture clothing. You can get the same quality of the designer, in a product which costs much less and you use it everyday, rather than the high end wear it once approach. 

Our Collection of Everyday Wines from Great Producers

This is a list of the wines from famous, and often expensive, wineries that aren’t expensive.

Meursault Wine


Dominque Lafon’s family has long been one of the greatest producers of white wine in the world. Their family’s winery is based in Meursault in Burgundy. Meursault is one of the greatest white wine areas in the world, and therefore the wines are collectible and expensive. Dominque decided to venture to another neighboring region called the Macon. Here, the grape is still chardonnay, just like in Burgundy. He’s working with the same grape and only an hour or so away.

Domaine J.L Chave and J.L. Chave Selection Labels


Jean-Louis Chave’s family has been making wine since the 1400s on the hill of Hermitage in France. Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Hermitage is one of the great wines in the world. Chave Hermitage can age for well over 50 years. It’s one of the best wines to drink, and to invest in and cellar for a long time. Recently, Jean Louis decided to make a wine label that could be drunk younger in order to give people the option to have a wine by him without having to pay the price of Hermitage but also in order to preserve that the idea of drinking a Hermitage is a special experience and not needed everyday. This label is J.L. Chave Selection. They are some of the greatest values in wine in the world.

Cerbaiona Labels


Diego and Nora Molinari started one of Italy’s great estates out of their backyard. Literally, they bought a dream home back in the 1970s in Montalcino which had some vineyards in the back. Fast forward 40 years and their Brunello is one of the great wines in all of Italy. Along with their Brunello, they’ve always made a Rosso di Montalcino, and a wine labeled 'VDT' which is a blend of many grapes.

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Stella di Campalto 



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