Pet Nat is an ancient style of naturally capturing bubbles in a wine.
In Champagne they ferment the wine fully dry and then add sugar and yeast after to create the bubbles, with Pet Nat wines, they simply bottle the wines before all the sugar and yeast have converted in order to make the wines sparkling. By closing the top off with a cork and now often bottle cap the wines are lightly effervescent. The wines left unfiltered from the dead yeast cells so in turn look like a cloudy beer. This is a process and name which has become very popular with winemakers all over the world. The Pet Nat movement connects with the natural wine movement. Pet Nat can be made from any grape but most often you’ll find them to be floral, salty, and lightly sparkling. In this collection you’ll find our go-tos of these thirst quenching bubbles suited for drinking in the park, a great wine for parties, and wines that pair well with spicy food.

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