We should drink all red wine a bit colder than we have in the past.
There are also reds that suit a proper chill, similar to a white wine, for the moments when you want something fruity and thirst quenching. In this collection, you’ll find our suggestions for those reds that are crisp, a little savory, and best served nearly cold. Gamay, the grape of Beaujolais, barbera, Italy’s lunch wine, pinot (when not Burgundy), trousseau, an obscure grape from a remote part of France, and syrah when it’s made in a lighter style. We won’t give you an exact temperature because, let’s be real, you don’t walk around with a thermometer in your pocket (if you do– we applaud your commitment to homeostasis). The ideal temperature is right around the 10 minute mark after you’ve taken it out of the fridge.

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