If we were limited to only one red wine for the rest of our lives it would be Burgundy.
Of course, it’s a prestigious wine and with such an outrageous limitation we'd demand the best. However, it’s also a wine that is best for many scenarios. There are Red Burgundies which are true to the grape of Burgundy - pinot noir and its classic flavors. They taste simply of strawberry, are floral, and subtly earthy. Then there are other wines which are so nuanced, age-worthy, and remarkable that they’ve become the most in demand wines on the market. It’s foolish to say that these wines have flavors of a specific grape. It’s a combination of the climate of this special place, its amazing history, and a community of some of the most talented winemakers in the world who make Burgundy not just a region but a wine of unmatchable quality.

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