Infatuation Holiday Gift Guide


When it comes to holiday gift-giving, there’s a spectrum. Sometimes you start planning something intricate and meaningful in September; other times you pick up a bottle of wine on your way and hope the recipient likes it. For something firmly in the middle, we’ve curated two holiday wine six-packs with our friends from The Infatuation.

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Think of this wine like a small plates restaurant that does a lot of things well. It has classics with a twist, representation from a bunch of different countries, and maybe one or two wines you haven’t tried before.
Natural Wine 6-Pack $165.00 USD

What's Inside:

A lot of people really like to drink red wine. And at this time of year, that’s not unreasonable. Give that person in your life what they want with this mix from California, Italy, and France.
Red Wine Only 6-Pack $150.00 USD

What's Inside:

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