Chartogne-Taillet, 'Les Couarres' Extra-Brut 2015

Alexandre Chartogne took over his family's winery a few years ago. That was great for him—and it was great for us too. His wines are now some of the best in Champagne. He makes several types of Champagne every year, all from different plots of land. Les Couarres is made entirely from pinot noir, all harvested from a small parcel of land. The wine showcases that striking balance of tart red fruited and savory flavors for which French pinot noir is famous. It's powerful and precise, which is not at all a bad combination. 


Rich Salty Citrus

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Chartogne-Taillet, Brut ‘Cuvée Sainte Anne’

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Wine Type
Sparkling Wine
Pinot Noir