Viñedos del Jorco, Grenache ‘Las Cabañuelas’ Cebreros, Spain 2019


Raúl Pérez is to Spanish wine what Salvador Dali is to Spanish painting– a visionary who changed his country’s reputation while cementing himself as one of the world’s absolute greats, and is kind of out there too. Viñedos del Jorco is a joint project with Pérez located in the mountains just west of Madrid– the middle of nowhere. Using organic and biodynamic methods to grow old-vine grenache at high altitudes, the result is a light and peppery red wine that is great with seafood or just on its own.

Tastes like: Fresh strawberries and raspberries, white pepper, and dried herbs.

How to drink: Put it in the fridge for 20 minutes before opening. Drink it with anyone who likes pinot noir, but appreciates trying something different.

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Wine Type
Red Wine
Castilla y León
Viñedos del Jorco