Can I Bring My Own Wine To A Restaurant?

Can I Bring My Own Wine To A Restaurant?

There are a ton of restaurants that allow you to bring your own wine. This may sound strange if you’ve ever searched for a BYOB spot in NYC, as those are about as rare as Jets wins or pleasant trips to JFK. However, there’s more than one way to BYO. You can pay “corkage”– a fee (usually $20-40) for each bottle you bring from home. You’d be shocked by how many places have corkage policies, and we’re continuously shocked by how few people utilize them. To help you get on board, we’ve laid out everything you need to know about bringing your own wine to restaurants.

For a guide to the corkage fees of NYC restaurants, check out our guide here.

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Why Would I Bring My Own Wine To A Restaurant?

There are countless situations when you might want to bring your own wine to dinner. It makes sense when the restaurant doesn’t have a great wine list, or when you’re in the mood for something specific that they don’t carry. You might want to open a wine from your birth year on your birthday, a sentimental bottle on an anniversary, or a magnum with a bunch of friends. BYO when your group wants to do the wine equivalent of show and tell, or when you have a bottle of German riesling you know would pair perfectly with the spicy red chili ramen at Ivan Ramen.

Is It Rude To Bring Your Own Wine To A Restaurant?

Nope, as long as you’re not doing corkage just to undercut the restaurant’s prices by a few bucks. Bringing a $12 bottle and paying $20 corkage in order to avoid spending $40 on a wine they carry isn’t cool. Only bring wine you’re genuinely excited to drink.

Should I Tip On Wine If I Bring It To The Restaurant?

Yes. Once your bottle is on the table, it gets the same attention from your server as one from the wine list. Tip accordingly (meaning generously).

Should I Offer The Sommelier a Taste Of The Wine?

Generally yes, but especially so if it’s a bottle you’re really excited about, or it’s one that the sommelier seems to take a particular interest in.

Is It Strange To Bring My Own Glassware To A Restaurant?

It depends. It’d be odd to bring your own glasses for that Chianti we just mentioned, but if you’re drinking Champagne or some old Bordeaux, then it’s totally reasonable to want proper glassware. Just give the restaurant a call or look at pictures online to find out what they have before going.

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