The 10 Best BYOB Restaurants in New York City

The 10 Best BYOB Restaurants in New York City

New York City almost has it all. We say “almost” because NYC is short on a few things, like scenic beaches, efficient bureaucracy, and of course, BYOB restaurants. But while places that don’t charge any corkage may be few and far between, there are some that you should absolutely seek out. Whether you want to bring a magnum of Champagne to brunch, or a case of riesling to a big group dinner, these places have you covered. Here are our 10 favorite BYOB spots around NYC, along with an ideal bottle of wine to bring to each one.

The 10 Best BYOB Restaurants In NYC


We’d go to Lucali just for the calzone, or just to hang out in the dimly lit space watching the chefs roll out dough with wine bottles, or just for the BYOB policy. Oh, we’d also go for the pizza - which happens to be the best pizza in the best pizza city on earth.

Ideal wine: We have a whole article to help you decide.

Wu’s Wonton King

To do Wu’s right, you need to get a big group together, and top a giant lazy susan with a whole roast duck and/or suckling pig. Of course, you’ll also need plenty of wine (for reference, we’ve shown up with an entire case on multiple occasions).

Ideal wine: Thibaud Boudignon, Savennières 'Clos de la Hutte' 2018


Tartine is a small French spot that’s the only BYOB restaurant in the West Village. It’s ideal for date night, but it’s just as good for brunch. Bring some bubbles either way.

Ideal wine: Laherte Frères, Extra Brut Champagne 'Les Empreintes' 2014

Astoria Seafood

At Astoria Seafood, you don’t do much in the way of ordering. Walk in and grab whatever looks good to you from the seafood display, and then ask the staff to cook it however you like. Bring some albariño, Txakolina, or any other wine you enjoy drinking with fresh seafood, as well as your own glasses (unless you’re fine using plastic cups).

Ideal wine: Bengoetxe, Getariako Txakolina 2019

Tanoshi Sushi

Along with a great omakase, this Upper East Side sushi spot has a BYOB policy that includes ice buckets and nice glassware.

Ideal wine: Domaine Eleni et Edouard Vocoret, Chablis 'Bas de Chapelot' Premier Cru 2019

Peking Duck House

If you order the Peking duck and bring a bottle of wine, then you can’t go wrong here. For maximum success, though, bring a group so you can order multiple ducks and bring multiple bottles of wine.

Ideal wine: We have a whole article to help you decide.


Sigiri is a small Sri Lankan restaurant up some steps in the East Village. While it literally gets outshined by another BYOB spot next door in Panna II– Panna II has more hanging lights than the Rock Center Christmas tree– Sigiri is where you should go for great food.

Ideal wine: Buona Notte, Oregon Sangiovese 'Cento per Cento' 2018

Tortilleria Los Hermanos

In between rounds of tacos, go watch tortillas being made at this part Mexican restaurant, part tortilla factory in Bushwick. Just make sure to bring your own glasses.

Ideal wine: Domaine Chapel, Chiroubles 2019

Spicy Village

Spicy Village is small and very low-key, so it’s not a place to go with a group. Instead, share big tray chicken, hand-pulled noodles, and a bottle of wine with a friend for a casual weeknight dinner. It’s cash only.

Ideal wine:  Keller, 'Von der Fells' Riesling Trocken 2020


While there’s no shortage of BYOB restaurants across the river in Jersey City, Corto is our favorite. It’s a casual Italian spot with great pastas, a very nice backyard, and super friendly service. When Bread & Salt– one of the best pizza places anywhere around NYC– reopens for on-site dining, that’s another must-visit BYOB in Jersey City.

Ideal wine: Ferdinando Principiano, 'Boscareto' Barolo 2011

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