What Wine To Drink At Cervo's

What Wine To Drink At Cervo's

Going to Cervo’s used to be a bit of a gamble. Not in the sense that the food at this Spanish spot on the LES has ever been anything less than fantastic, but because getting a table in a timely manner was far from a certainty. That’s no longer an issue for a couple reasons. First, they now take online reservations, and second, Parcelle opened a wine bar across the street where you can hang out if there’s a wait.

Once you are seated at Cervo’s - either inside the narrow, dimly-lit space, or outside on a closed-off section of Canal Street - you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best seafood-focused small plates in the city. While snacking on crispy shrimp heads (a must-order) and clams swimming in garlicky wine sauce (another must-order), you’re probably going to want some wine. They have a cool list entirely made up of Spanish and Portuguese bottles. Here are a few of our favorites.

Here are our favorite bottles on the Cervo's wine list.


Los Bermejos, Espumoso

What dish to order: Crispy Shrimp Heads


Adega de Vimbio, Albariño Rías Baixas 2020

What dish to order: Manila Clams


Envínate, Garnacha Tintorera 'Albahra' 2021

Envínate, Canary Islands 'Benje Tinto' 2021

What dish to order: Lamb Burger with Anchovies

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