What Wines To Bring To Wu’s Wonton King

What Wines To Bring To Wu’s Wonton King

Wu’s serves big platters of Peking duck, crispy garlic chicken, and whole suckling pig. The space in Chinatown is always packed with groups sitting at big round tables, spinning lazy susans topped with giant, prehistoric-looking king crabs. If the story ended there, Wu’s would be one of the best group dining spots in NYC. But Wu’s ups the ante with a BYOB policy, which you should take full advantage of with our recommendations below.

Wu's Wonton King Menu

With the King Crab:

You’ve had crab, and you may be familiar with king crab, but ordering it at Wu’s is different. After acquainting yourself with the massive creature, and putting on a brave face for the cameras while holding it tableside, it disappears into the kitchen before a grand reveal. Multiple plates arrive, topped with fried shells over tender meat. It’s a production, it’s pricey, and it’s worth it.

Ideal Wine: Chanterêves, Bourgogne Chardonnay 2020 $49

With the Peking Duck:

There aren’t many misses on the menu at Wu’s. There are, however, some must-gets. The Peking Duck is at the top of the list. It’s juicy, gamey, and crunchy, which calls for a juicy, gamey, crunchy wine in return.

Ideal Wine: Newfound, Grenache 'Gravels' 2019 $45

With a Big Group:

The best way to do Wu’s is to go with a big group, order a borderline-egregious amount of food, and continuously pull bottles from the case you walked in with (yes, we’ve strolled into Wu’s with a case of wine on multiple occasions). Here are a couple large format crowd-pleasers we’ve brought on our visits.

Ideal Wine: Jean Foillard, Morgon 'Côte du Py' 2020 Magnum $120

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