What To Drink at Foul Witch

What To Drink at Foul Witch

Foul Witch is a new full-service restaurant that refers to itself as a wine bar. It offers excellent food and an extensive wine list, mostly featuring French and Italian wines, as well as some domestic favorites, such as Arnot-Roberts and Jolie Laide. The menu is Italian-inspired, including wood-fired focaccia, ‘nduja and stracciatella, veal tortellini, of course white beans and salsa verde, and goat garganelli.


The wine list, curated by Wine Director Jamie Schlicht, showcases mostly natural and small-production wines. Producers worth going seeking out like Château de Bonnezeaux, Gabrio Bini, Simon Bize, and Paolo Bea. However and thankfully, it's not a natty-only kind of wine list either. The wine list also includes blue-chip wines like Cotat Sancerre, Moreau-Naudet Chablis, and D’Angerville Volnay, offered at reasonable prices.


Foul Witch Reservations


If you were to take us on a date to Foul Witch, here’s what we’d order:

1. Start at the bar at 5pm and enjoy the apps.


Our picks: Stefan Vetter’s Spätburgunder (listed here as a rosé, but arguably a light red) or the similarly-colored Cornellissen Munjebel Rosso.


2. Share every pasta dish on the menu and choose your favorite to order a second time.


If you go this route: Consider trying Colombera and Garella’s 2016 Bramaterra, a cool choice from Blanca’s old cellar. For a more adventurous option, go for the Paolo Bea ‘Piparello’ 2012.

3. Go on a three-hour dinner date and try the whole roasted turbot in vin jaune.


What to drink: Start with a bottle of grower Champagne (such as Agrapart’s ‘7 Crus’ or Benoit Lahaye Brut Nature) before exploring their selection of smart and hard-to-find Jura whites, which pair well with the smoky, crackly whole fish.

Happy drinking.



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