What Wine To Drink At Razza

What Wine To Drink At Razza

We all know which topics to avoid in social situations. Religion and politics, of course, but depending on the audience, an even more hot-button issue could be lurking behind that next awkward silence: the best pizza in NYC. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone’s opinion is above reproach. With that said, if you haven’t been to Razza, then your opinion is built on a shaky foundation. Razza isn’t even in NYC - it’s a 10-minute Path ride across the river in Jersey City - but its wood-fired pies are so good that everyone who beats the drum of New York’s pizza supremacy should want to claim them as their own.


While a table full of pizzas guarantees a great dinner here, you can up the ante even more by checking out our favorite bottles from the concise Italian wine list below.


Razza Menu

Crisp White Wine


Sure, Etna Bianco is salty and acidic enough to pair with the kale caesar. But at this stage of the meal, it’s all about choosing something easy-drinking, and giving the bread and butter room to shine.

Wine Order: Monteleone Etna Bianco

Food Order: Kale Caesar + Bread & Butter


Orange Wine


Beets, pistachios, vinaigrette - these are not wine-friendly ingredients. Your best course of action is a skin-contact white from Elisabetta Foradori. While Elisabetta is best known for her winery located up north in the shadow of the Dolomites, Ampeleia is her more experimental project on the coast of Tuscany. Note, save some sourdough from the bread and butter to soak up the pool of tangy tomato sauce surrounding the meatballs.

Wine Order: Ampeleia Trebbiano

Food Order: Beet Salad + Meatballs with Ricotta


Red Wines


Razza serves some of the very best pizza on either side of the Hudson. Bring a group and order them all. Enjoy them alongside this smoky, Sicilian red from Arianna Occhipinti, and a savory, old-vine nebbiolo from Arpepe.

Wine Order: Occhipinti SP68 Rosso + Arpepe Nebbiolo

Food Order: Pizzas. All of them.



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