What Wines To Bring To Lucali

What Wines To Bring To Lucali

Lucali serves the best pizza in NYC, which is equivalent to being the most powerful person at Davos. Thus, you could drink a warm glass of Jäger here, and still have a good meal. But considering it’s BYOB, why would you settle for good when you could have spectacular, especially after waiting three hours for a table? The answer is, you shouldn’t. That’s where we come in. Here are some suggestions specifically tailored to this Carroll Gardens institution. Also, tip the staff very well– they’re great. Cash only.

What To Bring When…

Top Wines with Pizza

Wine and pizza is as fundamental a package deal as coffee and milk. Just as you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) ask for a side of ranch dressing, you don’t need to deviate. 

Jean-Louis Chave Selection, Offerus Saint-Joseph 2018

You might see a bottle of older Chave in the window. This bottle of syrah from the legendary Rhône producer doesn’t have that kind of age on it, but it does have spiciness that pairs great with hot peppers with pepperoni.

Castello di Verduno, Barbera d'Alba 2019

We’re just the messenger here. Barbera and pizza is a classic pairing. It’s what they drink at children’s pizza parties in Italy. 

Comando G, La Bruja de Rozas Madrid 2019

A natural Spanish red that didn’t know it’d be a great pizza wine. 

Domaine Chapel, Chiroubles 2019

This bright Beaujolais tastes good with just about anything, but it's exceptional with pizza.

Domaine Tissot, 'DD' Arbois 2019

Stéphane Tissot's wines are on the right side of natural, meaning they are a little bit wild but still delicious.

5 Special bottles 

You’ll see some of the greatest wines in the world in the window at Lucali’s. The bottles are empty, sorry. Truth is, pizza is a great accompaniment to fancy stuff too. Here’s our list of 5 wines to reward yourself with while eating too much pizza. 

Vietti, Rocche Barolo 2011

Vietti is one of the best Barolo producers to drink without having to wait a long time for the wines to open up. Don’t linger at the table– savor your time with wines that open up fast. 

Denis Bachelet, 'Les Evocelles VV' Gevrey-Chambertin 2016

Bachelet is a juicy, spicy, and earthy style of Burgundy. It’s also as hard to come by as a table at Lucali.

Bruno Giacosa, Rocche del Falletto Barolo Riserva 2007

Pre-2008 Giacosa is some of the greatest wine from Italy. This is floral and elegant. 

Cerbaiona, Brunello di Montalcino 2013

Cerbaiona is an Italian statement piece. But unlike Versace slippers or a bright yellow Lambo, this Brunello isn’t just a cry for attention. It shows you know what’s up.

Comtes Lafon, 'Clos de la Baronne' Meursault 2015

If you're drinking white wine while eating pizza, you should be drinking White Burgundy. This is the good stuff. Just do it.

Other scenarios you may find yourself in need of wine advice:

You Want To Impress A Date.

Padelletti Brunello di Montalcino 2015

Date night at Lucali? Pat yourself on the back, and then raise the bar even higher by uncorking this bottle of Brunello.

Affordable Crowd-Pleasing White Wine to Drink with Friends Who Say They Only Drink Red Wine.

Guido Marsella Fiano di Avellino 2018

Red wine is the obvious choice with pizza, but it’s not the only choice. This crisp, salty white wine is from a town outside Naples, where pizza-friendly wine is simply called wine.

The Best Natural Wine with Pizza.

Catalina Ugarte Pais Chile 2019

País was one of the very first grapes to arrive in the Americas. Now you have a fun fact to share with the table while dunking pizza crust in a bowl of tomato sauce. As it happens, this easy-drinking red pairs great with tomato sauce.

The Perfect Wine For A Calzone

Maison MC Thiriet, Montagnes Côte de Nuits Villages 2019

Besides pizza, the only other thing on the menu is a calzone. It’s a massive brick of dense but stretchy ricotta and mozzarella, and it absolutely needs to be on your table. Shallots and mushrooms are the pro move. 

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