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Fèlsina, Fontalloro 1994


The term Super Tuscan usually denotes that a wine will be big, bold, and powerful– the same characteristics Jeff Bezos was going for by wearing a cowboy hat on Blue Origin. He couldn’t really get the same machismo effect the Italians have achieved, despite the effort... Just like with space shuttles, wine doesn’t have to be macho. Felsina is not macho. It’s just great.

Fontalloro is one of our go to wines from all of Tuscany. The reason being that every year it shows the quality or lack there of for the vintage. If it was hot, the wine is juicy, if it was cold, the wine is lean. In Tuscany, that's not always the case since many producers chase the bigger and richer style. While 1994 is a year not to be remembered in other parts of the world, in Tuscany (as well as Rioja) it’s a great vintage. It's medium bodied and as of last week had subtle flavors of cigar smoke and oregano but also tasted like wild strawberries. Again: it's just great.


Rich Savory Herbal

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