Le Pianelle, Bramaterra 2015

If Cristiano Garella were a rapper, he’d probably be Drake. He does countless features a year, consulting for many of Piedmont’s up-and-coming wineries, but still has a hit-studded solo career that shows no signs of slowing. This is a red wine he makes in Bramaterra, an area a couple hours north of Barolo. The wines of Bramaterra have a little more acidity and a little less tannin than Barolo, showing the cool, elegant side of the nebbiolo grape. To bring Drake back into it, this is nebbiolo with a sensitive soul: you’ll like it if you like Barolo and Barbaresco, but there’s a freshness and gentleness here that will bring to mind Burgundy too.
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Wine Type
Red Wines
Alto Piemonte
Le Pianelle