López de Heredia, 'Cubillo' Crianza Rioja 2012


If buying wine were like buying stocks, purchasing some López would be like putting all your money into Vanguard, as opposed to your high school friend who is a state cop who went long on Dogecoin (and is also into natural wine). 

What we mean is: this isn’t a new discovery for us, and may not be for you either. López is one of those wines, maybe the only wine from the Spanish region of Rioja, that you see on our shelves and in the best restaurants consistently year over year. Their style is not about being fruity and big, but rather wines that taste exclusively of flavors you’d either burn or smoke— palo santo, cloves, and tobacco. We’re offering this one out as a deal to encourage those of you who have not tried López to make it a staple in your home, and for those of you who have to remind you that sometimes the classics are that for a reason– they’re the only ones.


Savory Rustic Spicy

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