Gift Guide

Wine makes a good gift for anyone in your life. But buying the wrong thing can make it seem like, well, you didn’t know what to get, so you just got a bottle of wine. Here are our selections to ensure you nail it no matter the lucky recipient.

car with huge wine strapped to roof

For your loved ones (or for yourself).

You’ve been sharing a bed, home office, yoga mat, and everything else for nine months—you deserve a drink. Get something special for them that you’ll enjoy too.

$100 - $150

lady at desk being given wine
zoom meeting with wine office buddies

For your co-workers.

Zoom holiday parties are going to start to feel old even faster than Zoom meetings. But you can at least make sure your team is drinking something tasty.

$30 - $50

For your family.

Do your parents only drink big cabernet or pinot grigio? This is your chance to turn them on to something different. These wines will make them think you’ve matured. Make them proud; it’s been a hard year.

$50 - $75

wine pong with dog and christmas tree
man with presents sniffing wine

For your friend who's “really into wine.”

Every group of friends has one. The one who talks about Vivino, natural wine, and the smells of tennis balls or wet rocks. Get them something they’ll like—and show them you know what’s up now too.

$30 - $50

Need help picking something out? We got you.

Shoot us a note or text us at 212-460-WINE if you need help making a selection.