Jean-Marc Vincent, 'Les Passetemps' Santenay' 2014


Red Burgundy is a bit like a painting. Its core is simple– canvas and paint, versus pinot noir and soil. Just like a painting, there are those that can achieve astronomical prices and those that are better left in the trash can of your second-grade arts and crafts lesson. This is a Burgundy that won’t ever be astronomical due to the fact that it’s not from a rockstar name or place. However, it’s the one that you’d actually want to live with on a daily basis because it’s so enjoyable and exceptionally made. The 2014 vintage gives you the earthy, crisp, and “Burgundy-like” flavors of herbs and mushrooms.

Tastes like: Tart cherry, sage, and Earl Grey.

How to drink: This is ‘just nice to open and have a glass of’ type of wine.

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Wine Type
Red Wine
Pinot Noir
Jean-Marc Vincent