What Wines to Order at Ci Siamo

What Wines to Order at Ci Siamo

Ci Siamo is the first restaurant to come out of Union Square Hospitality Group since the onset of Covid, and its name is apt for the occasion. “Ci Siamo” can be loosely translated to “we’re here,” “good to go,” or any other expression of welcoming and readiness, and with chef Hillary Sterling at the helm, and a wine list of some of the great Italian wines at discount, we are ready to be welcomed.

Shoutout to USHG for being the long standing NYC champion of Italian wine in a casual setting. Restaurants like Maialino (reopening in early 2022) and Marta were places to always drink the best producers at prices you wondered if they actually made money or if Danny Meyer is actually just that nice of a guy. At USHGs newest Beverage director Robin Wright has continued that tradition for our benefit here too.

Here are the best buys on the Ci Siamo wine list:


Italy is the largest market for Champagne. It’s also where you can casually find an aged bottle of Dom Perignon in a cafe that only sells croissants and coffee. Here’s what to buy. Don’t buy Italian bubbles, they just aren’t there yet - sorry, amici.

Pierre Péters Chetillons 2007: The current release of this is 2014. USHG did some aging for you and the wine is still priced at current release. Call it free rent. This is singing right now.

Jérôme Prévost, 'La Closerie,’: Prévost has become the hardest to find Champagne. This is the best price we’ve seen outside of Europe to date, if you need any convincing to go to Hudson Yards. You just saved yourself a couple hundred dollars on a wine you may never have again.

White Wine

The white wine section is a run down of the greatest Italian producers today. These all have a couple extra years of aging on them too. With that the flavors become saltier but are still fresh.

If you want a crisp and clean one, go for Ottaviano Lambruschi 2016, Bruna Pigato 2017, and Pietra Cupa Fiano 2005. And most importantly Tiberio Fonte Canale– oof, that’s good.

If you want something that’s rich, a little nutty, not an orange wine but kind of can pass as an orange wine: Valentini Trebbiano 2010, Fattoria San Lorenzo 2004, Monteraponi Trebbiano 2017.

Red Wine

There are two moves here– something under $100 that has a bit of age and is from a grape you don’t normally drink. Or, something fancy but is still very cheap. Since traveling to Hudson Yards can be a voyage, maybe you’ve earned it?

Burlotto Pelaverga: If by the time you’ve read this they’ve run out of the Burlotto Pelaverga with age. Sorry. We’re sure there are other gems. Don’t be foolish. Just order it.

Romeo del Castello: Etna Rosso from 2013. Rarely do we get to try this with some extra aging. Very cool!

Canonica Barolo 2013 and 2014: There may be a typo on these prices : ).

Poggio di Sotto 2007: A perfect wine.

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