Cavallotto, 'San Giuseppe Bricco Boschis' Barolo 2010


For generations, the Cavallotto family has been turning out naturally grown, traditionally made Barolo from historic vineyard sites within the small village of Castiglione Falletto. Their vines are old and their soils are uniquely light and fine– without nerding out too much, this makes a wine that is full-bodied and powerful, but more floral, elegant, and approachable than more rustic styles. We’re hardly the first people to say this, but Cavallotto may be the greatest Barolo producer very few people have ever heard of. Their pride and joy is the ‘Bricco Boschis’ vineyard, a choice plot that’s as inseparable from their reputation as tissues are to Kleenex. These are their fanciest wines, but the truth is even their everyday, under $30 bottles are much better than they need to be and worth a look. 

Cavallotto’s 2010 ‘San Giuseppe’ is a classic. The vintage was lauded from the get-go and it’s still ascendent all these years since. Upfront in appeal but with plenty of complexity still left to unfold it’s the kind of great wine you’ll want two of - one for now, one for later. This is nebbiolo at its biggest and brawniest, yet like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV it’s still light on its feet. 

Source: Private Cellar 

Notes on the Vintage: 2010 is a pretty sure bet for blockbuster styles all around the world. Except for Champagne. The Dom still came out good though.

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