Clos Venturi, Brama Syrah 2021


Manu Venturi’s vineyards are… isolated. Plowed by horse and weeded by a herd of sheep, the biodynamic vines are located at the most-inland, highest-elevation site on Corsica, a rugged island situated between France and Italy in the Mediterranean. Perhaps unsurprisingly, his syrah doesn’t quite resemble syrah from anywhere else. It has the grape’s classic dark fruit and savory notes, along with a range of powerful aromatics - think eucalyptus, juniper, rosemary - courtesy of the melange of plants, herbs, and flowers growing amongst the vines.

Tastes like: Blueberry, lavender, tobacco leaf, thyme.

How to drink: Peking duck would be perfect, but lamb chops or chili would be great as well.

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Clos Venturi