How to Drink Wine: The Book


Everybody knows that the world of wine can be vast and intimidating and complex. But what few people seem to know is where to start when it comes to learning the basics. How to Drink Wine solves that problem.

The path to drinking wine with confidence begins with this very informative, very relatable, very entertaining book, thanks to award-winning sommelier and restaurateur Grant Reynolds and acclaimed writer and founder of The Infatuation, Chris Stang.

By reading How to Drink Wine, you will:

  • Acquire some foundational terminology. Cuvée, maceration, sulfites . . . what does it all mean?
  • Learn of the twenty-nine wines you need to know—and about important producers.
  • Find answers to questions you might be embarrassed to ask, like exactly how is rosé made?
  • Start to pair wines with your life instead of your plate.
  • Be able to navigate a wine list and/or store.

You probably already know what you like to drink. This book will help you better understand why. And as a result, your knowledge, curiosity, and wine collection will expand. So will your number of friends.

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How To Drink