Vivanterre is a natural wine produced in France by a natural winemaker in partnership with designer Rosie and her husband Max Assoulin, with the support of renowned sommelier Cedric Nicaise.

Using organically and biodynamically farmed grapes, and vinified using natural processes, Vivanterre reflects the “living earth” from which its name comes. These wines are savory, earthy, and grab your attention in a nice way.

Vivanterre,'SGS' Orange 2020

This orange wine tastes like peaches and tropical fruit, as well as flowers and ginger. It's perfect with Asian food, seafood, and lighter meals like salads. Or just to drink something weird.

Vivanterre, Gamay MVB 2020

Gamay, the grape in Beaujolais, inherently makes light wine, and it inherently tastes fruity, floral, and spicy at once. This bottle tastes like ripe berries but with some white pepper flavor that adds balance. It's refreshing on its own or with dinner. Be sure to chill it slightly before serving. 

Vivanterre, 'PRS' Pét-Nat 2020

Pét-Nat is an ancient style of naturally making bubbles in a wine. It’s usually more subtle, savory, and dry than classic sparkling wines like prosecco. This one is aromatic, herbal, and a great choice for moments when you’re not sure whether you want a spritz or a glass of wine.

Vivanterre, 'MSM' White 2020

This organic white is made from a grape called melon, but it tastes more like salt and rocks than it does fruit. Muscadet is one of the quintessential dry white wines, and this one is particularly tangy, briny and refreshing.

Vivanterre, 3-Pack
The 3-Pack contains: Vivanterre, 'MSM' White 2020, Vivanterre, 'PRS' Pet Nat 2020, and Vivanterre,'SGS' Orange 2020.