What are the Best Wines to Bring To Astoria Seafood?

What are the Best Wines to Bring To Astoria Seafood?

All restaurants exist on a spectrum of customizability. At one extreme, you have places with tasting menus, set wine pairings, and the general feeling that substitution requests will be met with eyerolls in the kitchen. All the way at the other end of the spectrum is where you’ll find Astoria Seafood. This BYOB Greek spot is more DIY than Sweetgreen.

Walk in and grab whatever looks good to you from the seafood display, and then ask the cooks to prepare it however you like. You want the snapper deep-fried, or the porgy stuffed, or the octopus done in some special way you came across in San Sebastian? No problem, just ask. Sit at any open table, and uncork as much of your own wine as you like. To take full advantage of the BYOB policy, we suggest bringing your own glasses, and scoping out our wine recommendations below.

Side note: If you run out of wine, there tends to be a guy who’ll make a bodega beer-run for some cash. Don’t drink bodega wine, please.

What To Bring When…

5 Special bottles 

If you end up at an Astoria BYOB seafood spot on a special occasion, let’s just say, we can relate. To make the most out of your night here - or anytime you want to drink amazing wine with seafood - uncork any of these five bottles.

Marquis d'Angerville, 'Santenots' Premier Cru Meursault 2018

Pattes Loup, 'Butteaux' Premier Cru Chablis 2017

Luis Seabra, Xisto Cru Branco 2018

Benanti, ‘Pietra Marina’ Etna Bianco 2013

Agrapart, 'L'Avizoise' Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Grand Cru 2015

What wine to bring to Astoria Seafood if you...

If you usually like pinot grigio:

If you usually like chardonnay:

If you just want something ‘easy’:

If you normally drink beer:

If you want a red wine with seafood:

If you want a Greek wine at a Greek restaurant:

If you want a magnum for a group:

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